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We are an internationally operating real estate development, investment and asset management company, with headquarters in Munich in Germany and offices in top tier European cities.

TP INVESTMENTS focuses primarily on superior quality commercial and retail assets in the European market, and the growing presence in the Far East and across African continent. Investments are made globally both in existing properties and in development projects, with an aim of optimizing returns from long-term investment projects.


Our international team have years of extensive experience and diverse expertise in planning, design, site selection, construction and real estate development, leasing, property management, real estate consulting, corporate finance and asset management.

We utilize cooperation of our in-house professionals with localized knowledge and experience of best local specialists in the field, on a project-by-project basis, which ensures a project is executed with the utmost quality standards and efficiency, while reducing operational costs.


TP INVESTMENTS projects vary in nature and scope, but they are all undertaken incorporating environmentally conscious measures. We are committed to installation of sustainable systems when it comes to construction and security of our properties, as well as business operations, our staff and business partners.

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